Felix joined Mensah Duah & Co now Mensah JB & Associates in October, 2010. He worked in all the departments. i.e. the Accountancy, Audit and Assurance, Tax , and Consultancy Services.

As an Accountant

Working in the accountancy services department, Felix worked with organizations that outsourced their accounting departments to Mensah JB & Associates, he helped with the design and implementation of internal control policies, book keeping, budgeting, payroll preparation and monthly management accounts for directors of the organizations.

Accountancy Service Department Head

In January 2014, Felix was made Head of the accountancy services department. As Head of the department, he was responsible for drawing up budget and its implementation, ensures that quality service and management reports are delivered to the accountancy clients on time, trained and equip accounting staff with the right skills and tools to provide quality service and supervised the work of accounting service staff. This position lasted for a year.

Audit and Assurance Department

Felix has been Head of the Audit and Assurance Department from January 2014 to date. He budget and implement this budget of the department, he together with others trains audit staff, plans and share task among the audit Staff. He have lead audit teams to audit clients across the length and breadth of the country, these clients were from financial institutions to non-government organizations. He has six years’ experience and skills in auditing.

Felix is skilled in Spreadsheet and Financial Analysis, Teaching in Accounting Software, have adequate knowledge in the tax laws of Ghana, and capable of setting up Accounting Systems for organization.

Felix is currently student member of ACCA


  • Auditing
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Training
  • Business Consulting
  • Tax Services